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The Success Sales Blueprint


Specific Problem Identification

Your description should pinpoint a specific problem that a prospect faces, such as inadequate return on investment, slow machinery, legal issues, IRS problems, or outgrowing office space.


The identified problems should be impactful enough to motivate the prospect to invest in a solution.

Your Model Includes

Define the characteristics of your ideal prospect, including company size (in dollars or number of employees), location, industry, the types of problems you can solve, and who in the organization makes purchasing decisions.

Pipeline Categories

Classify your sales pipeline into various categories: suspects, cold prospects, warm prospects, and hot prospects.

Qualifying Criteria

Establish criteria for moving a suspect to cold, warm, or hot status, or to earn a presentation. These criteria should be specific and tailored to your target market.

Qualifying & Disqualifying

Use questions to gather information that helps you measure each prospect against your ideal model and criteria. This process helps in both qualifying and disqualifying prospects efficiently.


Your sales presentation should offer tailored solutions to each of the problems you've identified for the prospect.

Your Role

Consistently prospect, qualify, and disqualify leads. Your goal is to move suspects through the pipeline stages efficiently, either disqualifying them or closing the sale.


By focusing on these elements, you can create a more targeted and effective sales strategy that addresses the specific needs and challenges of your ideal prospects.


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