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"Your Most Important Asset to Your Success in Sales and Growing Your Business"

I have asked hundreds and hundreds of Salespeople, C level Executives, and Business Owners what they thought their most crucial asset was for the success of their business.

I've heard everything from my client base to our product and services or website or reputation, our commitment to our clients, or value as the provider ,multiple locations our innovation, etc.

While all of these are extremely important, not one of them is your most important asset to your success in business and sales.

I guarantee you that when you discover this number one asset, your career, your business, and your life will never be the same.

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Turrisi & Associates is a New Jersey based firm serving clients since 1990. We offer an impressive portfolio of professional transformational sales, sales management programs and services completely customizable for your business.

Whether you want to fill your sales pipeline with more quality leads, get in front of the decision maker, close more profitable sales or shorten how long it takes to close a sale; you have come to the right place.


Al Turrisi is a phenomenal executive coach, writer and thought leader.
Al has a high level of integrity and brings value and wisdom to his clients.
I highly recommend Al as a consultant and coach.”
Jim Robins, President, TTI Performance Systems

Since starting to work with you, I have become more organized, focused, effective and efficient.  You have shown me the difference between activity and fruitful action.  Everything I do now is for a reason and I constantly ask myself “What is the most productive use of my time right now?”

Juan C. Grana


Work-Safe Enterprises